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I'm a self-taught artist and I live in beautiful, rural Shropshire.

The galleries on this website show my Still Life and Portrait artwork, but I do paint other subjects.

Although my preferred medium is oil,  I also work in pastels, watercolour, gouache and sometimes, pencil. Most of my oil paintings are on linen canvas as I think the texture adds an interesting background to the subject matter.

The light is a constant source of inspiration to me: the way it shapes form and casts shadows. I often make the shadows an integral part of my still life pictures.  I enjoy trying to make representational images of the every day objects of life.

With portraits, I like to capture the eyes early on as I feel that character is to be found there.

I work from life and also use photographs as source material.

My work is copyrighted. All rights reserved. Must not be copied or reproduced without my permission.